Manicure Mistakes You Probably Make


It is always pleasant to watch the beautiful hands and tidy nails. Girls make a lot of efforts to paint their nails in different colors with the purpose to attract the attention of people. Nowadays different nail paint have emerged which gives the girl another chance to get their nails beautiful. They even search the internet for different ideas to get the nails painted with different designs, prints, colors and jewels. Today male manicure is also very common. People especially the stars have been taking benefit of such service from a long time.

Giving you a manicure may seem harmless enough, but if few steps are taken incorrectly, then it can not only damage the paint but it can also risk one’s health. First of all not using a basecoat can be ruining your paint in two-three days. Base coat plays an important role as it can extend the nail polish for 10 to 12 days. Cutting your cuticles can be dangerous for your health. It is risky to your health as it open cuts on your fingers which can get infected easily. Stop cutting the cuticles, push them back and let them stick to your nails only.

Some people don’t wash their tools including the clippers, files, buffers, etc. It is an important step to prevent contamination. Wash them every time you use them. Moreover it is important to apply thin coats of paints. Thick coats can ruin your polish and don’t dry within time. People who are not aware of such mistakes are advisable to visit a nail shop where professionals take care of the nails beautifully. They manicure them, paint them with your favorite designs and highlight them to attract attention. The nail shop in Los Angeles has the most amazing potential to enhance the beauty of the nails. They have experts in this field who take care of the nails beautifully.


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