What is better- mall shopping or street shopping?


The word shopping always bring smile on women’s face. Nowadays, you can see a large population of men engaged in shopping. With an emergence of brands and different types of clothes, men have also found a new dimension in shopping. Earlier it was all about street shopping, then a whole new concept of malls were introduced. Both of them have its own benefits, so which is your most preferred way of shopping?

Street shopping

Street shopping is all about independent shops where you can find unique and beautiful products. The shop owner is very friendly and makes you feel like home. It is fun as the shoppers can enjoy talking with the owners and enjoy bargaining. They are generally not expensive; however, you can find products that are classy. It is all about roaming here and there with your friends and enjoying the coffee and food along with shopping. Jewelry stores in Los Angeles has amazing collection, however, when you visit a mall, you can find wide range.

Mall shopping

Malls such as Slauson super mall and other malls of California provides different range of merchandise and brands in a single place. People can explore different types of designs and styles all under one roof. It not only helps them to save their time and effort, but one need not move from one street to another in search of products. Moreover, mall shopping is all about, food, gaming zone and movie theatre. If one does not find anything of their choice, they won’t go back home sad. They can enjoy movie, games and a lot more. The qualities of the products are branded and high in quality as well.

If you compare street shopping and mall shopping, then the choice completely depends on you. However, when it comes to shopping mall in California, nothing can beat its charm. Those are huge and offer everything and anything to its customers.

Address: 1600 w slauson Ave, Los angeles CA 90047



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