Slauson Super Mall- The New Craze in California

best shopping mall los angeles

Outdoing the fame and craze of shopping mall, a new breed of shopping centers has emerged in the city of Los Angeles. Owners call them supermalls and the world knows them as so, rightly. These supermalls, as we know it, are gigantic shopping complexes hosting shops of different categories, welcoming visitors to a never-ending stock of products. Add an array of services to that and that kind of rounds up the inventory of shopping malls. One of the early proponents of this new kind of shopper’s dens is the Slauson Super Mall. Located at the heart of the city, this mall has nearly everything that could keep a shopper glued to one mall for their bipolar necessities.

Presently the one of the best top 10 shopping center in CA as voted by its consumers, there are only a few others in the city that can be equated with this one. The best thing about Slauson Mall that gives it its big name and popularity is its inimical blend of quality and economy. Most malls pride themselves on their high-brow stocks of goods from the best brands in the world. When it comes to fashion, Gucci and Armani steal the show better than local brands, and that we all know. But malls as Slauson have very well topped this truth.

This shopping center in Los Angeles is also popular for the services it offers. There are multiple restaurants inside the facility that serves food hot and fresh from different cuisines. You might not have everything possible, but you have the most loved dishes all waiting for your order. And if you want to treat yourself with the best, go by the chef’s special. Speaking of services, the malls have beauty salons and tattoo parlors too. So, blow dry or get yourself a nice tattoo on your skin, it’s Slauson.

Address: 1600 w slauson Ave, Los angeles, CA 90047


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