Latest Footwears That Add Elegance To Your Beauty

Ladies Footwear Stores

One of the most important accessories that boost every girl’s confidence besides giving their outfit an instant boost is her heels. A vast variety of heels are available that vary in color, design and yes, how high they are. While wearing heels, it is important to consider the right size, as wearing extra inches makes one feel awkward and out of place.

Check out some tips that will help you choose the right inches depending on the place, occasion and outfit.

1-1.5 inch

ladies footwear stores

These low heels look cute with skirt or dress. If going somewhere where it’s all about standing throughout the day, these heels will serve the purpose keeping the femininity alive.

2 – 3 inch

ladies footwear stores

Pep up your dress that you are wearing for work in these. When it’s about comfort as well as style, nothing could be as sweet and feminine as these. For the best look, wear them with spring and formal dresses.

3 to 4 inch

ladies footwear stores

Whether it’s a party, formal dinner or an evening date, this height is available in several styles such as stilettos, block heels and more. When you wear them, walking or dancing is not at all an issue. For not so tall women, mid heels are the best options. Not only they are perfect for late night parties, lunch, outings and pubs but also keep you away from ankle pain.

5 inch

ladies footwear stores

Though high heels are not comfortable but they give slim & lean look. Ideal for party dresses, they are not a good choice for every place and occasion.

Buy the correct and appropriate heels at ladies footwear stores near you. With these expert suggestions, you won’t find any trouble choosing the right style in your favorite brand. Look fashionable and confident with the right pair that will surely help you steal the limelight.


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