Get The Perfection In Nail Art With Preparation At Home

As a student you must be told several times that homework prepares you well for the next class. It goes same with flaunting beautiful and trendy nails. You have to have healthy clean nails prepared for the nail job that you can get done at one of the most famous nail shop in Los Angeles. You know the market of nail care has broadened from a thin line of nail paint shades available two decades ago. What was offered that time was a narrow spectrum of all the predictable shades of pink, red, brown. It was so unjust for the ladies you bet. Today’s woman is enjoying creativity at her fingertips. She has got the liberty to team up her dress with gorgeous nail paint. With enormously talented nail artists in your surroundings you can get creative to conquer the world.

Following is a short rule book for getting and showing off the perfect nails. Do’s and Don’ts of nail care will let you know what all you were missing on and what you were doing wrong.

Keep your nails trimmed, shaped and healthy. It will make them look attractive.

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Keep them dry and clean. Excess of moisture supports fungal infection.

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Sterilize your nail tools. For maintaining the basic standard of hygiene you are not only supposed to take care of nails but also the tools you treat them with.

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Wear gloves. Protect them when you do dishes, when you do the job of gardener.


Check out the salon. Your salon might be the primary source of infections. Check out the practices, tools and techniques used by its team. Change if not found at par.

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Stop using your nails to open up the lid of your favorite food can. This way you are exposing them to damage.

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You might not know but over use of nail paint remover is not advisable for good health of your nails.


Don’t share your nail filer with others. It may inflict bacteria and virus.

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Don’t over hydrate them. It weakens the nails and causes easy wear and tear.

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Your friends will get envy of your adorable nails. It is now up to you to share your secret or not.


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