Top 10 Footwear Types: Do you have these stylish footwear in your collection?

Diamonds are a girl’s best friends, yes, that’s true. However, besides them, one thing that’s equally important for almost every woman is the right pair of shoes. As more and more girls are getting conscious about their whole look and ensure their heels or footwear goes well with the outfit, choosing the right style is a bit challenging. If you are looking forward to invest in new shoes this season,then make sure to go for that ladies footwear storewhich  offer the right colours, style, inches of heels and yes, the comfort factor.

Check out some of the best styles that are sure to be in your collection if you are a true fashionista:

1. Pointed pumps: Be it any outfit, a basic black pump is leather or suede is always a good deal to pair with for adding instant sophistication.

2. Ankle-strap boots: Lengthen your legs with ankle-strap sandals. They are a good choice for every kind of dress.

3. Sleek ankle boots: Add that edge to your look with these boots. When wearing dresses or denims, they are the best option.

4. Luxe loafer: Wear a basic black or a bright color loafer to replace the usual ballet flats.

5. Animal print heels: For the sultry look, these are the cool option to go for.

6. Metallic heels: Not only for evening look, they are good for daytime as well.

7. Short-stacked heels: Boost your height without compromising with comfort with these heels.

8. Casual sneakers: Pair it with jeans or any outfit and show your happening yet cool side.

9. Flats: Whether you are wearing floral sundress or shorts, ubiquitous flats are an excellent choice.

10. Tall flat boots: These are truly timeless and essential for a tall and polish look. When wearing t-shirt and jeans, make sure you opt for these.

Want to get these shoes right now? Visit the nearest ladies footwear sores ear you and make them yours forever.


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