3 Significant Tips Regarding Cosmetics And Make-Up For The First Timers

Despite of the fact that half of the girls in America indulge with cosmetics in their pre-teenage days, there  remain to be a section of girls who do not have any idea of starting with it. If you are one of them, you are at the right place, as this post will teach you the tips of creating a makeup kit as an educated customer is the best customer. Here goes the list of the products you should purchase or skip when you drop in the lavish cosmetic store in Los Angeles.


Lip makeup has a lot of options from lipsticks to gloss, liner and plumps. Basic is lipstick, but you can easily skip on long-wear formulas as they can dry out your lips, pick a traditional lipstick. Make-up artist will help you find the best shade for your lips. Lip gloss can be layered on top of lipstick or you can wear it alone to flaunt a glossy look. Lip liner is not a necessity unless you die to wear a bright lipstick. Lip plumpers make lips appear larger; don’t take them the first time.


Don’t go with the words of the sales people who swear that you should have foundation. If you have a fair complexion, you can skip it easily. If you want to have one, you should try it before purchasing. As this will be layered on most of your facial area, you need to pay extra attention and more of time. Dry skin does not go good with dry foundations. Though every girl should pick concealer and skip primer for the first time.


Naught eyes images

Start with mascara and pick from different categories according to your requirement. There are mascaras that make your eye lashes look longer, others look them fuller and last and favorite of many, curler. If you are investing in eyelash curler you may have a different one for mascara.

Eyeliners come in pencil, liquid and gel liners. But for newbies of makeup pencil eyeliners are the best.

Start with a natural or no-make up look rather going dramatic.



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