Dazzle every event by picking the right jewelry!

Here comes the party time when you are all prepared with the dress you are going to wear and flaunt your glamorous look in style. It’s a big celebration and you want to make a big statement. But how? Is wearing a fashionable outfit enough for you to steal the show? Not really. Without that perfect jewelry around your neck, the look is incomplete. Check out some easy tips that will accessorize every dress you wear:

  1. Pendant necklace for Deep V

For an outfit with deep V neck, long pendant necklace is the ideal choice. Make sure the chain is neither too long nor too short.

  1. Layered bracelet for haltered dress


When wearing haltered dress, give your exposed arms a little attention by stacking them with fun bracelets.

  1. Ear cuff and layered rings for tank

Draw attention with an ear cuff and some layered rings. Going this way will balance your look and won’t make things look busy.

  1. Layered necklace for crew neck

Layered Jewelry

Layered necklaces allow to show the dress and adds interest without dominating the outfit.

  1. Bold cuff or one-shoulder


Balance the one-shoulder dress with a bold cuff on the wrist that’s opposite to the shoulder strap. Earrings can also add nice touch if there is no embellishment on the shoulder.

  1. Statement earrings for strapless


A bold pair of earrings is what all one needs when wearing strapless dress. Wear the right pair and bring attention up towards your face.

Now, you know what jewelry to wear with what type of dress. Get your favorite jewelry from jewelry store in Los Angeles and look flawless. With the exquisite styles and designs available, things will be getting tough in choosing which one to buy and which one not to take. Gear up ladies and explore the wide range available for you.


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