Flaunt Your Style and Fashion Through Your Shoes


There is an old saying “a good man always wear good shoes”.  There are different perceptions for good shoes they can be good for someone if they match with the outfit and some find the goodness in the comfort. Shoes define your personality and up the aura of your dress. Several pairs of shoes are sold in popular shoes store in Los Angeles on a daily basis. Some customers find what they are looking for some get even better at the stores offering plethora of choices in footwear. If purchasing new shoes is common and usual, very common and usual is encountering problems related to wearing shoes. With these very simple tricks you cannot only protect your feet; they can also increase the lifespan of your shoes.


Carrying shoes can sometimes be painful; you can ease off any kind of discomfort related to wearing a new or old pair of shoes by trying on these intelligent tips and tricks:

  1. TEA BAGS FOR SMELLY SHOES- You can place the green tea bags for 4-5 hours to replace the smell from your shoes with refreshing smell of green tea and repeat if required to get rid of foul smell.
  2. HAIR DRYER FOR TIGHT SHOES- You can expand your tight shoes by simply blow drying them. Wear them with shoes and walk for a while before blow drying them. Repeat the session of 3-4 minutes for 4 days religiously. You will witness an astonishing difference with this trick.
  3. GIVE YOUR BLISTERS SOME DEODORANT- Apply deodorant on your heels and toes to reduce the friction and keep away the blisters. You will be able to enjoy a comfortable and blister free walk in new pair of hot shoes you purchased from the famous ladies footwear stores.Application of baby powder will also be very effective to handle blisters.
  4. SAND PAPER FOR SLIPPERY SHOES- You can improve the friction between floor and your shoes by fixing sand paper to the exterior of your shoes’ sole. Without slipping or falling enjoy walking to your office cafeteria.



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