3 Beauty Trends In Fashion Industry For Autumn Of 2017

To follow beauty trends is a personal choice for everyone however, many girls from different age groups make sure to check out what’s in trend to get some inspiration. The street fashion may not be the ramp for people but definitely, it has it’s own trends and the setters love to flaunt what they have in their wardrobe. Apart from clothes in fashion industry, the beauty section is equally flourishing with beauticians all over the world experimenting with many wonderful products and ideas.

Check out the list of best trends to stay updated :

1. Nail Art & Designs
The creative angel has improved in years. People want their tips clean, shiny and finished to keep them trendy. Manicure and pedicure parlors are the weekend stop for most of them. The fun of having tips which speak volumes about your personality is the new must-have. Also, girls are also adding swarovski of their precious nails to add glamour all the way. Go for a nail shop in Los Angeles to add drama in your life.

2. Color Pop Eye Shadows
There is something about the way your eyes flutter. Be cute, dramatic or flirty, it’s just the colors that you need to change. Bold colors were the trend last year. Smokey eyes are for past. What’s new? Bright, energetic and vibrant eye shadows like orange red and pink! Yes! Go for the lovely hues of warm shades to make yourself stand out of the crowd.

3. Black and Shimmery Lipsticks
Well, if you’ve tried most of the things but haven’t tried a black lipstick then you’re left with a lot. Black lipsticks are for plump lips to mark the importance of your most important feature on your face. What’s best? It goes with every complexion and face cut.

Be beautiful and be bold. Everyone can be termed as fashion once you wear it with your sheen and confidence.

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