6 Footwear Styles You Must Buy This Summer

“Shoes affect our perceptions of others and our perceptions of self”, a statement given in a survey conducted by Russell W. Belk, University of Utah in 1990-2000.

Even if the outfit we are wearing is prettiest ever, teaming it with wrong footwear will completely off the look. No matter how many footwear are there in the shoe rack, there’s a particular time for them to out. Take a look at the perfect summer list options that are curated for everyone:

1. Gladiators


gladitors shoes
Gladitors Footwear

The name says it all. They were worn by the gladiators of the Roman Empire. Earlier, they were meant only for men. However, things have changed with time. This style is now available in the most stylish footwear range of women. Giving a classy and and flamboyant look, they are available in all ladies footwear stores.

2. Strap sandals


Strap Sandal

Casual flats are the perfect choice summers, as they look super cool. They are simple, strapped flats that give a delicate & comfortable feel.

3. Sneakers



Trendy sneakers keep one comfortable through the wretched heat. Pair them with boyfriend jeans and are you are all set to go.

4. Flip flops

flip flops 2
Flip Flop

Nothing could be better than beating the heat by wearing flip flops? Buy colorful flip flops that go with your casual look. They are cool as well as stylish.

5. Espadrilles



Espadrilles are easy to wear for that impromptu late night drive. Being comfy, they allow to go on long shopping dates with your boyfriend.

6. Belly



A pair of bellies gives the desired feminine look. It goes with every outfit you choose to wear and looks versatile in every way.

Want these amazing footwear now? Visit shopping mall in California and buy them all. Walk in style, walk with comfort and look gorgeous and a true diva who has her own personal fashion sense.

When you are all set to shop in the fashion capital, check out Slauson Super Mall for its exclusive collection.


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