4 Smart Tips To Buy Beauty Products

Girls love to buy skincare and beauty products. They are essential for getting glowing skin and covering up ay scars or marks. Using cosmetic products women enhance the features what may not look appealing naturally. For purchasing quality cosmetics you may visit top 10 shopping center in CA. But unless you are aware of the dos and don’ts of buying skin care products you may end up buying not so useful products.

  • Mind the season. You don’t need everything. Before you start with your make up regime make sure your skin is cleansed and moisturized properly. Considering the same beauty products throughout the year might be your big mistake. Winter season generally leaves your skin dry and you are likely to have oil skin in the hot months. This calls for saving heavier creams for winters.
  • Test perfume after few seconds. How to test a perfume is difficult for many college girls. First hint of fragrance may not suffice to prove what you may want to buy or not. In quest to find perfect scent you have to act a bit patient. To get the accurate sense of perfume you should be allowing scent to dry for a few minutes. Then re-smell it before you purchase.
  • Consider natural light. While purchasing foundations and compacts you should not decide in the light of store. Go out and check how the product suits your skin in natural light. Otherwise you will bring home a color that does not blend with tone and undertone.
  • Let lip color settle. Don’t just go for the shade while trying a new lip color in any of the cosmetic stores in Los Angeles. Besides checking how well the lip color compliments your skin tone you should see how well it sticks to your lips. You may or may not like smell and taste of the color. So instead of making instant decision, you should walk around in the store before taking a final call.


There are many other important measures which are impossible to cover here. You can trust the sales people appointed at reputable cosmetic store.



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