Top 5 Reasons Why Shoppers Will Always Prefer Malls

Excited Shopping Woman

With the increase in number of online shoppers, mall owners are getting worried about their future. However, their existence is never going to be at risk because malls are more than just shopping centers.

Look at these reasons why shopping mall in California can’t be missed by people:

  1. Attractive Location

It’s funny how mall owners market themselves as the favorite place of their locals while 1/3rd of their clients are tourists who have been visiting the city for a short span of time. People love to meet their friends and families at a popular place which is known for something special like a restaurant, spa parlor or gaming zone. Every mall should create a USP or make their name known on Map for more visitors get assisted there.

  1. Have A Social Gathering

Online shopping has its own perks. Like people can literally shop when they are in meeting, car, out of the city or anywhere in the world, doing anything. However, there’s always going to be a big con which becomes the biggest reason why people love going to malls. That’s their social life! Hanging out with friends, going on dates, having family outing or simply strolling around store to store alone for no reason at all. This physical experience can’t be trafficked by online shopping.

  1. Customers’ Loyalty

Falling out of the habits can’t be easy. When customers have been shopping from the same store for a long time, they fall for it unconsciously. They start to believe the quality and price of that particular offline store more than any given deal on eStores. From electronics, footwear to children clothes store in Los Angeles, they would prefer buying them from nearest mall. Also, store loyalty points, who would want to miss that?

  1. Convenience In First-Hand Experience

If someone’s terrible at metrics then there’s nothing that could be done about the wrong size of dress, heels, lipstick or lingerie, the person orders. To avoid the confusion, people rush to their nearest showroom to select their favorite pair of shoes, check the color of lipstick or test the fragrance of perfume, before putting it into their shopping cart.

  1. Confidence and Security

With heavy shipping price, the discount on an article doesn’t help much. In fact, there’s a huge bounce rate as people don’t like to shop from eCommerce sites which apply shipping price everything you buy something. Rather, they prefer going to a shop physically and picking up the articles of their choice on discount and without any other charges. This also gives them the confidence as they could check the quality on spot. There are no delays and returns due to delivery defect or wrong product received.

For the above 5 reasons, every mall owner should stay relaxed as their customers won’t ditch their favorite hangout place. Adding eateries and activities are great ways to improve footfall.


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