4 Smart Tips To Buy Beauty Products

Girls love to buy skincare and beauty products. They are essential for getting glowing skin and covering up ay scars or marks. Using cosmetic products women enhance the features what may not look appealing naturally. For purchasing quality cosmetics you may visit top 10 shopping center in CA. But unless you are aware of the dos and don’ts of buying skin care products you may end up buying not so useful products.

  • Mind the season. You don’t need everything. Before you start with your make up regime make sure your skin is cleansed and moisturized properly. Considering the same beauty products throughout the year might be your big mistake. Winter season generally leaves your skin dry and you are likely to have oil skin in the hot months. This calls for saving heavier creams for winters.
  • Test perfume after few seconds. How to test a perfume is difficult for many college girls. First hint of fragrance may not suffice to prove what you may want to buy or not. In quest to find perfect scent you have to act a bit patient. To get the accurate sense of perfume you should be allowing scent to dry for a few minutes. Then re-smell it before you purchase.
  • Consider natural light. While purchasing foundations and compacts you should not decide in the light of store. Go out and check how the product suits your skin in natural light. Otherwise you will bring home a color that does not blend with tone and undertone.
  • Let lip color settle. Don’t just go for the shade while trying a new lip color in any of the cosmetic stores in Los Angeles. Besides checking how well the lip color compliments your skin tone you should see how well it sticks to your lips. You may or may not like smell and taste of the color. So instead of making instant decision, you should walk around in the store before taking a final call.


There are many other important measures which are impossible to cover here. You can trust the sales people appointed at reputable cosmetic store.



Malls Are The One-Stop Destination For Every Age-Group

ladies footwear stores

Shopping malls are the place where a lot can be done and explored. While some people go there to fulfill their every shopping need ranging from buying clothes to grocery; others go there to grab the latest fashion. Besides this, malls are also the place that offers entertainment and relaxation time to everyone. Enjoying quality time with loved ones is possible here. With the rising popularity and interest of everyone at the cool public places, every city and town has a number of malls that fulfill every need of the customers. Whether you want to buy branded outfits, designer eyewear or handbags, footwear, cosmetics or gadgets, everything is available in a huge variety.

There are people who think malls are expensive. However, this is not right, as they have products in every price range. Moreover, they offer exciting deals, hug discounts, interesting coupons and offers as well. All these features can’t be expected anywhere else. In addition, live concerts and various shows are also held here time to time. Ain’t this wonderful? Once you are done with shopping, enjoy delicious meals at the various restaurants available here. Taste variety of coffee and beverages at the cool coffee & beverage parlors. If you love watching movies, catch the latest releases in the classy and well-maintained theatres. Other cool options include:

  1. Children’s play area
  2. Spas and salons
  3. Nail art shops
  4. Tattoo shops
  5. Party lounge
  6. Business marketing areas

Footwear are loved by everyone. Talking about women, their love for variety of footwear is something everyone knows. To offer them the best footwear, ladies footwear stores are available in every mall. From shoes to bellies and flats to heels, every style is available there at varying prices. Whether you want them for any party, get-together or meeting, there is a vast collection to choose from.

Best shopping mall Los Angeles, as understood are not restricted up to a certain age group. Be it kid or elder, adult or teenager, everyone can enjoy quality time here and buy things they want.

6 Winter Footwear Styles To Keep Your Style Game Strong

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Are you looking forward to complete your winter footwear collection? Want to know whether or not your comfortable boots will last this season? Read further to find answers to your questions and overcome your cold season footwear dilemma like a true fashionista.

Not every woman is fond of boots, especially in everyday life. Keeping this thing in mind, let us take a look at the essential footwear that are a must for every stylish women. Here we go…

1)Tall Boots

Not only you can tuck your jeans in them but can also carry them with a dress or skirt. An elegant pair of tall boots (with/without heels) make for a great addition to the closet.

2)Ankle Boots

Easy to pull on/out, ankle boots are flattering. No matter you go for high heeled ones or classic ones, they will take your fashion game levels up. Best part, they are easily available at all the ladies footwear stores.

3)Lace Boots/Combat Boots

They will suit your personality without a doubt. If you are hippie-inclined and romantic, buy a pair that’s vintage, inspired with a softer look.

4)Evening Shoes

Irrespective of the cold outside, you need these for the party reason. Buy something that will pop up, letting you feel beautiful. Make sure to stay in your comfort zone, as you got long hours to dance.

5)Rain boots

Apart from keeping you safe from puddles, they make for a stylish statement. Simply chose the right pair and rock your best side.

6)Snow boots

They keep your feet warm and cozy; thereby, protecting you from the cold. Buy a pair for year end skiing trips or for the off-duty city snows.

So, these are some of the very fashionable footwear you must buy to stay stylish every time you are out. Visit best shopping mall Los Angeles and make these amazing shoes yours.

10 Trendiest & Coolest Fashion Footwear To Hit 2018

ladies footwear stores

Ladies! Do you find yourself going weak in your knees when you see a hot and sassy pair of shoes waiting for you to put your money in it? Most of the women would reply – thousand times a month! There’s no guilt but pleasure in having pair of shoes for every dress you own.

Let’s see, are you updated with the following list of necessary shoes or is it the time to hit the shopping mall in California :


Nothing exclaims the comfort like flats. They are worth to go with garden dresses, denims, or just anything. Having at least three pairs is a must.


They are classy, comfortable and heaven-made pair of shoes. How can you miss out these. Giving you a much sporty look for the day, these are perfect vacation must-have.


High heels and girls are inseparable. It might leave you feeling leg-less after a day of flaunting them but no party look is complete without pumps in your feet.


Ha! Did you say tough, strong and bold? It’s the gladiators for everyone in the house. You just need those smacking hot pair of shorts and a lose fit shirt going with gladiators. That’s it girls.

5)Canvas Shoes-

Hitting the market in 2017, canvas is still making the heads turn around. These are trendy and goes with your denims like twins. Being extremely durable, people should must buy them.


Winter is coming. So is the season of boots. The long legs women, you are blessed to have boots by your side. Much so because you need to balance style and comfort.

7)Flip Flops-

Regularly used flip flops are just the best discovery ever. No need to put your feet into pressure rather, these provide a soft sole that extricates your body pain. Walk around for miles in a flee market and come back without paining legs.


Girls in stilettos are the great warriors of today’s time. They know how to handle work while being on their heels on the day. That’s enough to say about how chic and experts they can be at the same time.

9)Kitten Heels-

Going on a date? Kitten heels- check. If you want to keep it cute and sexy then kitten heels can save your night. This are not going to leave you wanting to go home soon and change into something relaxing. In fact, you’ll love the walk after the dinner.

10)Wedge Heels-

Who said heels are for sore feet? When you’ve wedge heels in the market, you are good to go anywhere and everywhere.

Are you updated with the list above? If not then head straight up to ladies footwear stores and buy everything at small prices.


5 Jewelry Trends To Look Out For In Winter Of 2017


There’s so many things to pair up when you are set to put your dress on and head for the event. From make up to shoes, everything is ready by your side but what about the craze for jewelry?

Have you visited the best jewelry store in Los Angeles to pick up the right type of earrings, hair accessories or other glitzy items from the shelf? Well, if not then you must go around and check out the collection now and make sure you add these to your vanity :

1)Mesh Wave Knit Earring

This very elegant pair of earrings will make your neckline look sultry hot when these golden mesh wave will dangle around it. Making your face look slimmer, it’s a perfect bet for subtle colored dresses and gowns.

2)Faceted Crystal Hoop Earrings

These hoops will grab the attention when you’ll flaunt them while your hair put into a bun. These are good for evening parties and weddings.

3)Crystal Collar Necklace

It’s time to bring on the lady in you and be the queen in the room. Wearing a crystal collar necklace on an off-shoulder evening dress is the perfect look that’s for you.

4)Y- Chained Necklace

Whether you are going on a date or to an office meeting, this versatile necklace will do justice to every outfit. It simply gives you a feminine touch to your personality.

5)Wide Bracelets

Whether you’ve got a pastel color or a dark shade dress, all you need is a glitzy wide bracelet to make it complete for any event.

Thinking about where to find these listed items? Then why don’t you go to the best shopping mall Los Angeles and find what you need in a much lower price than you think? Rush to it sooner if you don’t want to miss out on anything from having your exceptional collection.

Shopping Rules Every Shoe Shopper Should Know

shoe store in slauson super mall

Shopping is always pleasurable for ladies. This is why they are seen in preponderancein the happening shopping center in Los Angeles.Ladies contain yourselves because the secrets and insider tips you need to buy the best shoes have been complied here.

This is often seen that finding perfect shoe is not that easy. In fact that perfect pump can never come to you with online shoe shopping. Unless you see and feel the shoe by yourself you cannot make the right shoe choice. Moreover the comfort and satisfaction of shoe shopping you get in the popular ladies footwear stores are not rendered in the online shopping.

  • Mind the money- Always remember tobeware of the budget. Over shopping of black heels will not make you look any different. Also buying same color will prevent you from buying what you actually need. Always ask yourself a question that do you really need it? Or you are planning to buy only because the sale is on. While leaving your home you should set a budget and stick to it.
  • Shop late- It has beenscientifically provedthat your hands and feet swell up till afternoon. Purchasing pair of shoes in the morning should be prevented as you might end up in purchasing tight fits. If you buy them late then they are going to be more comfortable and fit the best.
  • Try more– You may be in hurry while purchasing shoes for your upcoming corporate athletic event but don’t settle with the first pair of shoe that come across. Unless you try 3-5 pair of shoes you don’t get what you want. Hurried shopping can bring regrets later on.
  • Make friends with the sales person- Not literally but you know what is meant. Make sure the person attending you knows your taste and preference. They can help you get something that meets your expectations in your budget.
  • Forget fashion- Don’t go by the trendsif it does not suit you.Each person’s arch and foot structure varies from others and a particular shoe type may not suit your feet.

Always wear cute and comfortable shoes to look best.




Parents are often reluctant to visit online shops instead, they prefer visiting the famous best shopping mall Los Angeles to shop for their toddlers. Online shopping has certain limitations especially when it comes to shopping for children. Remember your moms and grand moms never got the access to internet and ecommerce was not possibly this famous in yesteryears and decades. What limitations and risks you will have to handle if you shop for your child from an online store? Read the below mentioned coming straight from the experienced moms. Find out the lesser known limitations of online shopping besides the common problems like hidden costs, delay in delivery and quality of the product further from what was shown.


1)For your princess you need the soft fabric. As soft as her, you need soft fabric but as the things on internet sale are not tangible. You can only see the garment but a mom always misses to touch and check the fabric of the cloth before dressing her cute little pumpkin. Internet shopping offers you limitations like inability to have the exact idea of the dimensions, structure, and brightness of the garment.

2)No assistance no suggestions. Online shopping is done in isolation most of the times. You have no sale assistant to show up the popular choices and clothes matching your preferences and taste. You have nobody to ask what is looking better on your child. The shopping experience on internet will be so deprived of the suggestions on colors, style etc. This is why many moms still prefer to reach the best children clothes store in Los Angeles to enjoy the best pick.

3)You miss the satisfaction and enjoyment. A mom needs to be satisfied with the efforts and work she has done for her kids. There will be a sense of dissatisfaction accompanied with online shopping as you will neither be sweating out in sun just to get her the perfect birthday dress nor will you get to meet your family and friends for shopping in mall.


Popular Fashion Trends Among Youngsters

t-shirt printing

Fashion industry witnesses innovations, experiments and swift changes. When it comes to teenage fashion sense you will be happily surprised to see the vibrancy and openness in what they carry. Teenage clothing is all about feeling freedom in heart, for any doubts you can step into the popular shopping center in Los Angeles to see huge chunk of teenagers enjoying their leisure time out there. They spend hours before mirror while getting ready for any outing. They shop and wear what helps them look cool.

When asked from teenagers what is trending and how do they want to look there were some amazing and unexpected responses. They are least bothered about what is in trend; they hardly have to do anything with what the celebs are flaunting. They are comfortable wearing the apparels that is being worn by their peers. Second finding said that they want to wear what is unpredictable. What is predictable and common is not their thing absolutely.

Printed T-shirts give them the liberty of trying out new and funky designs. T-shirt printing in Los Angeles is a rage among the youngsters. They get the variety of designs and ideas of looking different and carry their own style statement. Custom tailored clothes make them look more cool and fashionable which they complement with comfortable shoes. Trendsetters play with the clothes to bring out new things in fashion like mix and match. Wearing clothes upside down is their thing.

Their age makes them behave differently than the rest of the population. Fashion industry plays a huge role in deciding the future of a society. Sometimes it is a great challenge for parents and guardians to direct the teenage children as they want to fly and try out anything that attracts them. But there are some good things about following fashion such as being fashionable demands you to be in shape so that you can wear what you want. Also when you are accepted by your peer group you build in self-confidence.

3 Things You Can Only Find Best In Shopping Malls

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The variety of needs and demands has increased to such an extend that market is flooded with all kinds of niche. However, you can hop around place to place or choose a simpler way to find all that you need. And that simple way is by going to a shopping center in Los Angeles.

 How does it matter?

 Well, there are no hard and fast rules but as the societal adaption says that you get a better deal when you have better options. Similarly, due to different stores of same category, you are certainly going to compare and get to deal which would satisfy you.

It been said, it is also a good way to have all that you want at one place. Apart from saving money on a quality product, you are also saving lot of your precious time.

However, it’s more than time, money and quality. It is about getting articles which you don’t find that easily.

Let’s check out the stores which sell unusual things :

1)African Artifacts

There are rarely any store for artifacts and cultural things around local markets. However, if you want to find extremely beautiful and authentic frames, vase or wall hangings then go to your nearest mall.

2)Air Brush & Printing Embroideries

This antique printing house is best found in shopping center as it is about quality over quantity. If you want something different for gifting someone or as a showpiece, then look out for this store around you.

3)Massage & Acupuncture

There are salons of all kind but massage & acupuncture are best found in shopping malls. Strategically, it is done so because visitors in malls are those people who have either come from stressful drive to collect stuff or just to hangout. Anyway, a massage parlor can help you out to ease down.

So, next time you are heading towards a mall, don’t forget to give these stores a look. It’s worth your time and money.

10 Trending Stores In Top Shopping Malls Of California

Shopping Malls have made the life of a common man so simple that you don’t have to search for a specific store when you could find everything at one place. Every niche has a few famous brand names in the market. Whether you talk of clothes, beauty products or food; every product and service has made their way in shopping mall in California.

What’s the hit for this season?

There are a few stores which can’t be missed out from a shopping complex in order to gain customer attention by providing them comfortable shopping experience. Know about the most wanted stores in today’s time :

1. Clothes, Apparels and Fashion Stores
You can select clothes for your family from huge range of style, store and price when you visit a mall. Mostly, the malls are built in order to suffice your satisfaction of comfort and fashion.

2. Electronics, Gadgets And Machines
Mobiles, laptops, television, A/V systems, play station and other devices come at great discount and in store warranty when you buy it from a showroom.

3. Nail Art Salon
The very famous nail shop in Los Angeles is breaking the record for staying in fashion and not fading as a usual fad. Get your shining nails done artistically by an expert when you visit a mall next time.

4. Footwear Store- Sports, Party Or Casual
There is no end to the type of shoes you can need. Check out footwear stores to make use of your time and money.

5. Gift Shops
At times, you go clueless when you have to buy a gift for your colleague or your birthday gift of your kid’s friend.

6. Gaming Zone and Sports Store
Well, you can buy quality sports products for your kids or yourself from a sports store which gives you ample of options before investing your money.

7. Bags and Handbags Collection
Every dress and every color needs a specific bag to go with. To complete your collection of handbags, you can go to a shopping center to buy bags at discounted prices.

8. Grocery Store
You would mind to make quick grocery shopping on their way to home to save sometime from future struggle?

9. Restaurants
Tired from shopping, going on a date or just hanging out with friends; there are various reasons why a cafe, bar or eateries are essence of shopping malls.

10. Jewellery Store
Everybody wants options when it comes to buying jewelry. From precious metal to artificial jewelry, there are range of cheap to expensive options available.