4 Super Amazing Fashion Trends in 2017

Outer shell of your personality is defined by what you carry on your body and how well you execute it in front of everyone. It doesn’t have to consistent with the trend people follow or what they think is right but if it depicts your true self then that’s the fashion you should be enjoying. Currently, the fashion world is all about fusion. It is about bringing cultures and regions to limelight and making all kind of mixtures. Also, one should never forget; comfort is the key!

Let’s see what your wardrobe shouldn’t miss out if you are fashion frenzy so that you could check the list and buy those amazing stuff that is missing from the best shopping mall Los Angeles.

1.Clothes Trend

The parallel pants and flowing skirts are making a come back. People are no more afraid of trying new patterns and textures in the old time designs. They are having fun while experimenting with solid colors and mesmerizing computer prints.

 2.  Jewelry to contrast

The trendy chokers and stones are the talk of the town. Girls love to pull a deep neck dress accompanied by a choker or a stone studded necklace. And with a boat neck dress, oversize pair of feather earrings. You can find all of these in a good jewelry store in Los Angeles.

3. Watches to watch over time

It is the watch on your wrist that turns your personality from a casual easy goer to a super confident person within a second. Try out the cool metal body watches to match up with a pastel colored shirt or a board dial sports watch to make the look to chic.

4. A pair of quirky shoes

Who would miss out on these? Girls love shoes. That’s the curfew point of this discussion. A latest update is the use of high heels that have bold colors and laser cut designs. It is elegant and all time happening.


Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Gift Her Jewelry

It is difficult to find out when exactly ladies developed love for jewelry. Many girls are drawn to jewelry in some form or other, be it pendant or ear rings. It makes easier for men to impress their lady love by gifting an expensive or affordable jewel from jewelry store in Los Angeles.Will it not be a lovely sight to see your girl treasuring her memories in shape of the ring you gifted her? This article will give you more reasons to choose jewelry over other possible gift items to make her feel loved.

  1. Stays Forever.

Jewelry leaves a lasting impression of the receiver’s mind and most importantly heart. She will always be sentimental to every piece of jewelry she possesses. Do you want to stay close to her heart?

  1. Great Investment.

Whatever the worth of the piece you picked up, it is going to increase with time. It is one of the finest choices from investment point of view. A beautiful investment indeed!

  1. Limitless Choices.

You will be having endless choices to make from in your mind and at the store too. There is always a range of varieties of pendants, earrings, rings, necklaces etc. There is no chance of repetition unlike other items.

  1. Age Is No Barrier

It is not always about wooing your love interest. Men and even women can gift their mothers, sisters, daughters, aunts, and friends these special gifts. Top of it, age does not matter at all. Even your grandmother will be more than happy to receive what she already had.

Try it, she will love it.

  1. Expressing Love

When it becomes difficult for you to express your love in words jewelry does the trick. You can convey your message to her with encrypted messages.

Women and jewelry seem to be inseparable twins. Wonder is there any woman in this world who does not like them.

Stunning Jewelry Collections That Fascinates Every Fashionable Woman

jewelry store in los angeles

Are you looking forward to buy some new jewelry? Want to enhance your look with latest and trendy arrivals in jewelry stores? Well, you can do it easily by selecting your favorite pick from the ample options available nowadays. No matter you want a pair of earrings, a necklace or an elegant bracelet; you can buy at the right price. Whatever be your style, there is something for everyone and that too as per their taste.

jewelry store in los angeles

To complete the look of a dress in the best possible way, a pretty necklace is the best thing to carry. For instance, if going for a night party, nothing could be better than wearing a chunky gold necklace. For those who love wearing white, a gold necklace is probably a good option. Dangly and red colors will also go well with the outfit.

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Moving on to other things, bracelet is also a cool option and looks elegant on every wrist. Whether going for shopping or for an event, layering bangles and bracelets are the perfect options. Talking for a glam night, make sure to wear a cuff bracelet to enhance your style.

A nice dress looks more enticing when wore with the right earrings. Be it simple studs or colorful dangling earrings, choice is yours. To get that perfect elegant look, throw your hair into a braid and make it look effortlessly stylish with statement earrings.

Last but not the least on the list is rings. They come in every color, size and shape and as per everyone’s taste. They have various style such as cocktail, plain band and dainty style, to name a few.  Buy any of these and you will surely look mesmerizing.

Waiting for what? Buy your favorite pick from any jewelry store in Los Angeles and enhance you r look. Go buy the right jewelry for the right occasion.


Get The Perfect Color Coordination of Jewelry & Wardrobe


Color is one of the very crucial aspects of everyone’s wardrobe. While poor colors can direct attention towards flaws, good coordination helps one look stunning. Not just clothes but choosing the right color in jewelry is also very important. Though most of them do not need coordination, being choosy with gemstone jewelry can help you dress to impress. Jewelry store in Los Angeles offers a wide collection rich in vibrant colors to enhance the look of every woman. Whatever be the budget, rest assured about getting the right piece that will go well with your wardrobe.

Easy steps to choose the right jewelry

  1. Figure out the main color of what you are wearing. For example, if your top is blue and pant is grey, blue is your main color.
  2. Now see the complimentary colors you can add as an accessory.
  3. Once you are sure, adore the right stuff to get that glamorous look.

Some Quick Rules jewelry store in los angeles

Deciding which jewelry will look good with which outfit, is challenging for the beginners. It is important to know what colors go well with each other and what colors do not. A good way to get going is starting with a color of your outfit or gemstone. Figure out the idea color tone you can wear to contrast the color. For instance, if the outfit is blue, yellow toned jewelry and gemstones will look stunning. Check out some basic rules to create the flawless combo of your dress and jewelry.

  • Red outfit: go with emerald jewelry
  • Neutral outfits: go with black jewelry and diamonds
  • Blue and green outfits: white pearls
  • Black outfits: go with every color
  • Purple outfits: go with citrine, green emeralds and gold tone jewelry
  • Last but not the least, all outfits go well with diamonds

Now, as you are all aware about the right accessory and colors it looks good with, buying the right jewelry won’t create any problem, anytime you go to shop for your favorite piece.